REST API Weather Forecast

This is a testing site where you can find out the weather conditions for individual locations.

The weather REST APIs are :

1. GET: /api/v1/greetings

Return: Greetings message for fun

2. GET: /api/v1/getListCountriesNames

Return: A list of country names

3. GET: /api/v1/getLatLng/countryName

Example /api/v1/getLatLng/London

Return: City/country/lat/lng/population. You will need the lat and lng for next step

4. Post: /api/v1/weather

Example : The json body should be like

{"lat": 51.507222,"lng" : 0.1275}

Return: Weather of the city - real / perceived temperature / humidity / wind example

You will need to go from step 2 to 4 to get the weather attributes if you do not have the latitudes and longitudes

This site is only for the author's testing purposes and not intended to be used for anything or anyone without his express permissions.

Copyright by Ivan Tay